Monday, January 14, 2013

Here we go.

Music + Writing + Blogger = the new home of NeverBeenHeard.

For quite awhile I'd been fooling around with posts on a different blog site, but now feels like the right time for NBH to have a fresh look and a fresh attitude to go along with this new year. With that, welcome and thanks for stopping by - hopefully you'll continue to check this out once the ball gets up and rolling.

What can you expect from NBH?
Since I can remember I've been a music lover and during high school I added avid concert attendee onto my list of "hobbies." (I was told once by a musician friend that I possibly 'attend more concerts a year than he performs.') I was never one to acquire the skills to play a guitar or carry a tune outside of either a shower or a 200+ choir, so I've chosen to do what I can to support the music 'scene' and those who provide us with the songs we just can't seem to live without.
Here you'll find my musings on all things music - commentary, news, album reviews, interviews, videos, etc. There are no limits, and really, why should there be?

Time to put on those headphones, and thanks for coming along for the ride.

(Thanks to Matt Lubchansky for the banner/logo.)


  1. Sweet banner! Looking forward to reading :)

    1. Thanks Jessica! Means a lot! Was glad to see the return of your blog.