Monday, January 28, 2013

there is a map in my room on the wall of my room,

and I've got big, big plans.

After coming up with the first Mixtape Monday I eager and immediately started creating today's playlist, but seeing the snow today and feeling the cold has got the world feeling a bit different than I thought I might be seeing it at this time last week. People love getting cozied up, but just wait until you're done breaking it down first...

01.28.13 - Mixtape Monday

To Be Young (Is to Be Sad, Is to Be High) - Ryan Adams
Be Still My Heart - The Postal Service
Living Room - Tegan and Sara
Maps - The Front Bottoms
Long Division - Death Cab for Cutie
Two Notes And A Beat - The Lonely Forest
End Of The Affair - Johnathan Rice
Passion Play - William Fitzsimmons
Pachuca Sunrise - Minus The Bear
(Fork And Knife) - Brand New
The Weakends - Motion City Soundtrack
Great Big Plans - Jenny Owen Youngs

Again, to listen to the above - go here.

ALSO, some exciting news - tomorrow night (01.29.13) I'll be guest co-hosting on my friend Shawn's Unregular Radio Show "What Wolfgang Wants." Be sure to follow Shawn (@WolfgangTweets) and myself on twitter (@thefembot) or like his show on Facebook to get the appropriate links to join us for good tunes and good chats.

Above photo credit: Cassette Tape Still Life by Jim Golden Studio.

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