Monday, January 28, 2013

love like ours just never fits.

The joys of the internet strike again, kids, and I can't help myself - I've got to share the news.

Diehard fans sold out Brighton Music Hall, the intimate venue Tegan and Sara were performing at last night, within minutes of them going on sale. Believe me when I say that if I hadn't had previous concert plans I would've been a lion versus a lion tamer trying to get my hands on what felt like a ticket for a once in a lifetime opportunity - yes, I'd be the lion, and, continuing...

Luckily for myself, for some friends who missed on tickets, and for you the show was broadcast via the internet -  night number two of awesome shows for your FREE viewing pleasure. Man, what did we do before the internet existed? Anyways...

Here we have it, and thanks to the MTV Hive and the internet, it's now archived and able to be re-watched over and over for your viewing pleasure - Tegan and Sara live from Brighton Music Hall. You officially have no reason to say the internet never gave you anything. [[EDIT - The above link may no longer work, but there are videos on YouTube. Keep searchin', okay?]]

Minus the fact that Sara and her vocal chords are currently a bit under the weather, the ladies and their wonderful band (introduced as Ted Gowans - keyboards/guitar, Jasper Leak - bass guitar, John Spence - keyboards, and Adam Christgau - drums) put on a fantastic set of old and new tunes, something for everyone. Tegan was spot on with her banter, at one point giving a humorous comparison between old and new material after a fan called out approval of them playing older songs: "You know what? You're going to love the new ones too...The new songs are just as depressing as the old ones. They sound more upbeat, but I assure you this is like 'lay in your room by yourself like with a cloth between your teeth like prison shower cry' stuff." Guess what, Tegan? We're all on board, and we're ready to listen.

That previous statement and the music they make is a great testament as to why they're still considered an artist to watch by MTV Hive, and in general, as Tegan and Sara have done their fair show of growing up in front of their dedicated fan base with taking risks as to the music they release. No, you're not going to please everyone, every time, but there's always space in your heart for new music from your favorites. While watching footage from tonight's show, there was no better feeling than listening to them play songs like "Where Does The Good Go?," "Nineteen," and "Living Room" while integrating tracks off their forthcoming record ("I Was A Fool" and the first single "Closer") and hearing the crowd react with the same electricity no matter what drum fill or guitar part kicked off the next song in their set.

To make a playlist of top Tegan and Sara songs for your listening pleasure feels a little bit too difficult at the moment, so just be sure to do yourselves a favor by checking out their entire catalog (a true challenge, yes, but a worthwhile challenge) as well as look forward to the new album "Heartthrob" which drops this Tuesday (01.29.13). If you can't wait just one more day, which is completely understandable, you can still listen to the exclusive full stream on - just don't let that stop you from going out to your local record store.

Photo credit for the album art: Lindsey Byrnes.

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