Monday, February 18, 2013

and remember the time I wrote that song and many folks sang along?

And in the nick of time, here is this week's Mixtape Monday. These songs are mostly from the past year, with the exception of two: one from a forthcoming release that hasn't been released otherwise and another from a 2009 release (though a new single from that group was released today!).

The most surprising bit about one is that, well, let's take a trip down memory lane - does anyone remember purchasing CD singles or even cassette tape singles? Before, that is, the fact that you can now purchase 7" singles again. I saw at Newbury Comics this weekend that you can purchase Paramore's new single as a CD single. I know it's almost the same as downloading it off whichever internet downloading platform you use, but seeing the CD in stores was a bit of a "blast from the past" for me.

What have you guys been listening to lately?

02.18.13 - Mixtape Monday

Three White Horses - Andrew Bird
Green Eyes And A Heart Of Gold - The Lone Bellow
Little Numbers - BOY
A Tattered Line of String - The Postal Service
Heavy Feet - Local Natives
You Can't Be My Girl - Darwin Deez
Now - Paramore
Armistice - Phoenix
Sleep - Allen Stone
200,000 - The Rocket Summer

Again, you can listen here! Enjoy, and share with a friend!

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