Tuesday, March 19, 2013

heartbeat: a modern dance rock concert

Something exciting is going down this week,
something truly unique.

To share a bit of the press release with you:

"The George Woods Band and Boston choreographer Jen Kuhnberg have teamed up and raised more than $6000 via Kickstarter to turn "Heartbeat" into a full fledged Modern Dance Ballet/Rock Concert. The performance uses the 13-song cycle of the record and tells a life-long love story. Accompanied by the full band, a troupe of 12 dancers will depict the characters and stories of heartbeat in the Oberon's "Nightclub Theatre" setting. The audience will experience 360 degrees of action and be immersed in the show.

"Watching Jen's choreography bring to life the storytelling in George's emotionally rich songs is like having a camera into someone's beautiful dream. As a whole, the production is full of surprises and payoffs of the things you hope (and fear) will happen. This is collaboration at its best." - Amy Kucharik, Boston Singer-Songwriter/Performer

I'll be getting the chance to sit down and talk more with George on this project and view a dress rehearsal this Wednesday, so there's more to come on this, but for now find out more here.

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