Tuesday, April 9, 2013

you're not held in low regard beneath low ceilings:

Today's new music plug comes our way from one of my favorite bands, Manchester Orchestra. Since hearing that they were pairing up with both Frightened Rabbit and Grouplove to work on tracks for a special Record Store Day release, I'd been waiting to hear what magic could possibly come from these collaborations - today, my friends, was the day the waiting came to an end!

The release features two new singles. "Architect," which quickly turned into my personal favorite of two, is the collaboration between Frightened Rabbit and Manchester Orchestra, while "Make It To Me" is showcases the collaborative efforts of Grouplove and Manchester Orchestra. The two tracks have very different sounds that are reminiscent of the bands that Manchester chose to work with.

If interested, you can find these songs on a 12 inch that will be released April 20, Record Store Day, at participating independent record stores - or really, what I like to call, third Christmas (after my birthday too, that is).

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