Monday, July 8, 2013

but I'm gonna show you, baby, that a woman can be tough:

There's something to familiarity, to staples in your life. Whether it be a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich with vanilla ice cream or that hoodie you can't seem to let yourself get rid of. It's something to fall back on (the best thing!), and it's a good feeling to know you can always turn to these things when you need them. Now, I'm not saying that new and exciting isn't as great (c'mon, a first date or a new song from your favorite band - can't beat the thrill and anticipation that you'll find there), but when the going gets tough you take comfort in knowing that there's something there to help you get through - like a map or a compass, there's a constant in your life.

So, that's this week - a mixtape of classics for you to find comfort in, or for you to get to know if maybe you weren't raised on these tracks.

07.08.13 - Mixtape Monday

Cherry Bomb - The Runaways
Piece Of My Heart - Janis Joplin
Sugar Magnolia - Grateful Dead
The Weight - The Band
Whipping Post - The Allman Brothers Band
Mary Jane's Last Dance - Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers
Empty Arms - Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble
Fire - The Jimi Hendrix Experience
And It Stoned Me - Van Morrison
Can't Explain - The Who

How COOL were band names 'back in the day'? (SO COOL.)

(On a side note, this mixtape goes out to a friend of mine who follows along week after week "putting up" with my indie rock and my electronic pop and my acoustic folk, etc, etc patiently waiting for a mix that suits his interests will appear. Glad that I can introduce him to new music and share things he digs too.)

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