Monday, September 30, 2013

leave my worries to the water, and my body to the land:

Old theatres are like churches, often times to distracting for their purposes, in the most beautiful of ways. It happens that, old songs and favorite artists can often distract me from taking the time to find new acts and new songs to love. I've been giving new things a chance, but that doesn't mean I can't mix the two.

09.30.13 - Mixtape Monday

Danny, Dakota & the Wishing Well - A Silent Film
Believer - American Authors
Giraffe - Miniature Tigers
She Doesn't Get It - The Format
Mirror, Mirror - Dr. Dog
Spotlight - Leagues
We've Got the Most - The Lighthouse And The Whaler
All Over Again - The Last Royals
Sleep On the Dance Floor - The Postelles
Harlem - New Politics

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