Monday, October 28, 2013

but I know how she'll take her coffee in the morning:

"As the house lights go down, and the band queues up, the chills of excitement have already starting coursing through your body. When the lights slowly come back up, you're welcomed into a different world, a pleasant break from your own - a world dreamt up by George Woods and narrated by songs from his band’s latest album 'Heartbeat.'"

You may remember hearing about "Heartbeat: A Modern Dance Rock Concert" once before and then possibly found yourself missing out on this truly wonderful and seemingly once in a lifetime experience. Well, you're in luck - there's great news for those in the area of the lovely city of Boston! If you missed out on being a part of this at the Oberon this past March, the time has come for the second chance you have found yourself hoping for! "Heartbeat" is returning to The Oberon next month (November 7, 8, & 10) featuring a new cast and new choreography. 

It's an experience like no other that the George Woods band and choreographer Jen Kuhnberg have created to bring to life the storybook of songs off of the full length album "Heartbeat." The songs and the overall evening speak honestly to you as a member of the audience and to our own heartbeats. It's a night to remember, so find tickets and more information about performances please be sure to visit the Oberon's website! With your advanced ticket purchase, you'll receive a free digital download of a couple of songs from the performance and a chance to win one of the newly designed Heartbeat t-shirts!

To find my previous write-up on "Heartbeat" - go here!

As a thanks to Woods for being a constant supporter of NBH, today's Mixtape goes out to him!

10.28.13 - Mixtape Monday

Overture/Rewind - George Woods
Shake My Soul - George Woods
Please - Bette
Trouble - Ray LaMontagne
The One I Love - Greg Laswell
Static Waves - Andrew Belle (feat. Katie Herzig)
Something That I Want - Grace Potter
Complimentary Me - Elizabeth & the Catapult
You're Not Fooling Anyone - Lelia Broussard
The Last One - Cary Brothers
Easier To Lie - Aqualung

Photo credit: George Woods.

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